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( † postapocalyptic i c o n s )
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1st-Feb-2009 03:40 pm - o17; ( 50 icons )
s u i c i d e g i r l s :
   ( 10 ) dawsen
   ( 10 ) quinne
   ( 10 ) radeo
   ( 10 ) rigel
   ( 10 ) vitriol

WARNING! some nudity, not completely work safe.

twist my bones till i'm gone...Collapse )

blanks are never bases.
comment when taking.
credit maylene/postapocalyptic in your keywords.
do not hotlink.
6th-Jan-2009 03:50 pm - new name, new look; same community!
panthercreek → postapocalyptic
thanks to friedrich for the token and making
this rename possible.
5th-Nov-2008 10:55 pm - welcome;
post apocalyptic icons is the members only icon community of maylene, thane & reactors. to view all, any icon posts you must request to join the community. this will have some older icons by her and will likely later become a more archival icon community. and she will let you know where she is going to post when she feels comfortable with a non-members only, more public post friendly community.

blackshow. chokesermon. coliseum. contraceptives. empyre. foldingamap. itsbad. orbicularis. qadosh. xseidx. feel free to comment to become an affiliate.
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